The Pros And Cons Of Employee Retreats

Team effort is the key to success

Team effort is the key to success

Your staff is the key to your success. Your staff is a team which has members just like a family. There are times when even your family members get disoriented and discords arise among them. It is difficult to stay productive when there are conflicts and too much of disagreements. Even when there are agreements and no conflicts, still your team needs some time out of their daily rut of life and work. This is where the employee retreats come into picture. Employee retreats are the best way to get the team together, to remember the company’s vision and mission, and at the same time unite the members so that they can work cohesively in the future.

Having said that, it does not necessarily mean that all employee retreats really work the way they are supposed to. If executed in the right manner, they can be productive. When not carried out appropriately, they can create more differences and demotivate the team members.

Make sure it is not all work and no play

Plan the retirement with a balance between work and fun

Plan your retirement with a balance between work and fun

You plan a two day employee retreat at an amazing resort overlooking beautiful landscapes. But you spend the two days locked up in a room discussing about the company, the new projects and the roles and responsibilities. All your staff gets to see in those two days is the white board, marker, a sneak peek at the picturesque beauty only through the windows and the alcohol bottles in the night. They get drunk on the second night and reach office on Monday with a hangover.

First of all, your purpose of taking your staff out of their routine is defeated. The time they could have spent with their family, they had to spend locked up in a room. There was no recreational act as they did not get any time.

So you need to ensure that you divide the time in such a way that both the purposes are served – reminding the team of the company’s vision and mission and giving them leisure time to enjoy and gel together.

Decide your goals and plan the retreat well

Many times managers end up planning a random retreat with no set goal or purpose defined. This could lead to a real disastrous situation when you will be caught up during the retreat trying to plan out what to do next. This will give a sense of mismanagement to the team and you may lose a bit of your credibility.

Hire a motivational speaker

Hire a motivational speaker

Hire a motivational speaker

A proper planning of retreat can make it more successful. You like the fact or not, not all the people like their bosses. The team which has been seeing you five days a week doesn’t really want to see much of you on the weekends. So you may also hire an external motivational speaker. It could be a refreshing change for them.

Employee retreats are a great way to build the team bonding and revisiting the company goals and missions. Plan it out well and it will give you the desired results.

How To Get The Raise You Want

Your role as employee according to the company

Your role as an employee according to the company

You got your appraisal letter in your hand expecting a huge raise in the salary. You know you had worked hard and you had impressed your boss and super bosses too and you had high hopes about a real big salary increment. You pulled out the letter from the envelope and quickly started glancing through, skipping the irrelevant texts and jumping straight to the increment section. Of course there is no one around as these letters are supposed to be confidential. And when you finally saw the increment amount the feeling that crossed your mind was definitely not the feeling of joy. The next thing you heard yourself saying was, “Oh no! How is that possible? This is far too less than what I was hoping for!” And you in most likelihood embarrassed yourself.

If these texts sound familiar then don’t be surprised. You are not the only one whose hopes are dashed after getting the appraisal letter. Do not blame it on the company or the process. Start looking inside and figure out what exactly went wrong.

Did you really understand your role?

Understand your role in the company and you will succeed

Understand your role in the company and you will succeed

The problem with many employees is that they set a lot of goals and even achieve them. But they do not stop to check if their goals align with the interest of the organization and are befitting the role they are expected to play. You need to understand your role as an employee. There is a reason why the company had hired you on their terms. So you may have to stop exercising free will and start getting into the skin of the role. This is the first thing you should have done. As you did not and you saw the results in terms of poor increment, it is better that you start gearing up for the next increment.

Set an increment goal and discuss it with your supervisor

Set an increment goal that you want to achieve for the coming year and discuss this with your supervisor or manager. It is important to discuss it with your manager for many reasons. First of all, he will be able to guide you with the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. He will make you understand your roles and responsibilities. Secondly, he will help you set realistic goal. The goal you have set may not match with the market norms. In this case, it is very unlikely that you will get paid more than the market standards. Your manager will help you set the achievable goal.

You cannot replace performance with anything else

The next step for you is – perform. In fact, the kind of rat race the corporate world offers, you will need to outperform. But you need to make sure that you do it in a healthy way. Come up with project ideas that will benefit the company in the short and long run. Make sure you execute your plans.

In the end

Your level of satisfaction affects your work

Your level of satisfaction affects your work

Getting a raise requires dedication and a bit of smart work too. However, there is no replacement for performance. The company should see quantifiable and measurable results. If you did not know already, there are a lot of retention offers the companies have for their employees. You may want to stage up your resignation to get the raise.

5 Best Easy Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

exercise and sports you don't need to go to the gym for

exercise and sports you don’t need to go to the gym for

Everyone wants to have a shapely body. But fitness involves spending hours in the gym, working out to get a better shape. With the hectic work routine and never ending chores at home, it becomes impossible to take some time out and go to the gym. Exercise is necessary not only to keep you physically fit but also to get you to relieve stress. If you don’t get time to go to the gym, you can do some easy exercises that don’t require you to go to the gym. Here are some exercise suggestions that you can do anywhere to get stress off your mind.


Elevated Push Ups you can do at home

Elevated Push Ups you can do at home

If you get some idle time at your office or at home, you can perform pushups to tone your chest and your upper arms area. Open your hands wider than your shoulder width and workout. You can do this for 5-10 minutes on a daily basis for starters and it will get you a healthier body in nice shape. Keep track of the number of pushups you make per minute and check your progress in coming weeks.


Crunches are a great exercise to get a shapely body, especially if your waist is getting out of shape. Lie down on your carpet and put your hands behind your neck. Now use your stomach muscles to lift your head up and then go back to lying position again. You can definitely spare 5 minutes for this easy exercise right after you get out of bed. It will help in strengthening your abs.

Leg stretch

You can perform this easy exercise while watching TV at home. Instead of just sitting idly in front of the TV, utilize this time to get a healthy body. Sit on the floor and stretch out your legs. Try to grab your feet with your hands while your legs are fully stretched. It is a good workout technique and helps in relieving the stress from muscles.


Weight Lifting to build strong muscles

Weight Lifting to build strong muscles

You don’t need to go to the gym to get 10kg or 20kg weights to workout. You can do this at home with a 2 liter water bottle or a heavy jar. Hold 2 bottles in your hand and try weight lifting with these. It won’t take much time but it will help you build strong muscles. Pretend these are dumbbells and repeat it as much as you can. It is an effective way of getting a healthy body.


Your morning probably starts with getting ready in front of the mirror and some breakfast activity in the kitchen. You can utilize this time to perform some calf-raises along with the routine. While getting ready, you can lift yourself up on your toes and go down gently. Repeating it consistently can get you calves in shape giving you shapely legs.

These exercises can be performed anywhere, whether you are at home or at work and doesn’t need a special trip to the gym. Perform these exercises daily to get a better shape and a healthy body with a stress free mind.

Letting The Love Fizzle – 4 Breakup Reasons

breaking up is never easy

breaking up is never easy

Giving up on a relationship is never easy, no matter what you may tell yourself. No one wants to do it, too, no matter what your friends tell you. If you want to make sure that you won’t have to find yourself breaking into ‘It’s not you, it’s me’, knowing the 5 most common reasons why breakups happen can help ground you in reality, and see if the one that you have is worth it.

Wrong Starts and Wrong Foundations

Is it Lust, Love or Friendship?

Is it Lust, Love or Friendship?

You are in lust, not love. Sexual attraction is a primary ingredient to any lasting relationship. It is, however, not the only ingredient – and, it shouldn’t ever be the only thing that you two share. A relationship that is grounded in lust can only go so far, and it would sizzle out, leaving you two unsatisfied.

You are great as friends, not lovers. Sometimes, people mistake the easy comfort they feel with a person as romantic love when it’s really just friendship. Take the time to evaluate your true feelings, and figure out if they are something that will move you to the ends of the Earth for the other person.

Not Focusing Enough On the Present

Comparisons with previous relationships. It is never fair to be compared to an ex, and it has led many a couple to a nasty end. Don’t make the mistake of holding up your previous relationships as templates that your current one should measure up against. Doing this will take away from the affection that you two have, and can end in one walking out.

Making future plans independently. If you can foresee a future with your partner, it’s a good thing. Your partner, however, should be alright with the idea of this future. You can’t create plans for the two of you by yourself, and you can’t expect him to just tag along without asking his permission.

Respect Is What It All Comes Down To

You don’t respect each other. Relationships fail because couples forgot to show how much they appreciate each other – and, you can’t appreciate someone that you don’t respect. It doesn’t even have to take a lot of work; all you need to do is remember what you two found irresistible about the other, when you first met.

Not Being Able to Resist Temptation

Let go of your Past focus on the Present and plan the Future

Let go of your Past focus on the Present and plan the Future

When you are in a relationship, you should take it as a commitment. After all, nobody threw you into that situation, right? However, you cannot stop temptation from happening. There will always be attractive people circling around you, people who will not respect their boundaries, and if you let your guards down, they will eventually win your affection. This ends a commitment, of course. What’s worse, you’ll leave the relationship in bad taste. Just aim for an easy and peaceful breakup and be honest.

Breakups are never easy, as they should never be. If you’re with someone that you think you can be with for the rest of your life, you should fight for that person.

The 3 Best First Cell Phones For Kids

Get your children a cell phone for their safety

Get your children a cell phone for their safety

There isn’t any specific age limit when it comes to carrying a cell phone. There are a number of possible reasons on why is it becoming essential to get a cell phone for children. The foremost reason is definitely security. There are thousands of kids who go missing each year and you would never like to face such a scenario for self or the kids. It is better to call them at any part of hour and advice them as required according to the situation that has arisen.
The question that arises is what will be the best cell phone that the kids could handle easily? Kids need the cell phones as a fashion accessory whereas parents think from the view point of security. Pay-as-you-go deals can always be a great option to keep a check on the limit of the money spent by kids. Data caps can be provisioned that helps in curbing the kids from racking up the bills.

Nokia 100

Maximum battery life: 7 hours 20 min
One of the most affordable colorful screen phones available in the market is Nokia 100. Though there might not be many additional features such as a camera, yet it is quite a portable phone coming handy with games and radio. The phone comes with a standby time of 840 minutes which is impressive. Apple and Google might be leading with their smart-phones, but the battery backup is something that drives this phone and makes it an ideal pick for kids.

JCB Tradesman TP121

Maximum battery: 3 hours



The phone gifted by car phone warehouse boasts its hardness and is quite resistant to water. It is operable in between a temperature of -20 to +60 degrees centigrade. The phone comes with a built-in torch and Bluetooth connectivity too. There isn’t any camera imbibed in the phone but has been liked by kids. The PAYG plans start from £54.95.
Sports Mini Car Flip Mobile Phone
Maximum battery: 3 hours
The handset might look nothing less than a toy, but the functionality is quite ideal that could be handles by kids. The phone comes with a 0.08MP camera and the pay-as-you-go plans start from £33.99. The phone is a great starter set that could appeal to the teens or adults who have retro taste.

Nokia Asha 201

Maximum battery: 7 hours.

Nokia Asha 201

Nokia Asha 201

The phone might not be a smart phone, but the keyboard gives it a swish look and this is the best deal one could get in this price. The phone has an access to several apps as well as the social networking platforms. The plans for pay-as-you-go commence from £29.95 with a 2MP camera.

Though Pay-as-you-go and prepaid connections might serve as the key, there are a number of carrier companies that specialize in no-contract plans. If you would like to stay in touch you could go and opt for companies such as Virgin Mobile.