Basics For Tourist In Milano

Milano or Milan is one of the most attractive cities of the world and is located in Italy. Besides being the financial hub of the country, the city has a lot to offer to the tourists as well. So, if you are on a trip to Milano then you must know some of the basics given below about this city.

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Milan offers you free Wi-Fi options. Free Indoor Wi-Fi is available inside some of the public buildings and museums where as ‘Open Wi-Fi Milano’ is available in squares and streets with a 300MB daily limit on data for browsing internet and it allows you 1 hour continuous navigation at high speed before dropping off until the midnight. In order to access Wi-Fi you should select openwifimilano network from your phone or any other device that you may be using. Now enter your phone number for registration and you’ll receive your password on the same number.


As for language, Italian is official language here as well. Spanish or French tourists can be able to understand the Italian language fairly easily. Milanese dialect was also widely spoken once in this region but now only oldest generation can be heard speaking this dialect, and possibly Milan-specific slang will be used by the younger lot.

Though English is taught until high school but even though most of the young people in Italy can speak this language, they’re mostly hesitant in talking in English. Older and middle-aged people don’t often speak English as well. At police stations someone can be found who speaks in English but the irony is that you won’t find anyone at immigration office to talk to in English.

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As far as mobile phones are concerned, €0.24 is charged per minute for outgoing calls while €0.07 is charged per minute for the incoming calls and €0.08 is the rate for each SMS that you will send. It is suggested that the visitors should buy local SIMs. For buying one, you’ll have to come up with your passport or ID card, and your prepaid account can be started from almost €20.


ATMs or the bancomats can be found all around Milano. It should be noted that many services and establishments don’t accept any credit cards. They can commonly be used in hotels and shopping locations. Public transport and other services are comparatively cheaper and there are lots of discounts and benefits available for seniors and students.

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