Things You Need To Know About Milano

If you have plans to go to Milan when touring Italy, it’s quite possible that it would be the point of your departure or entry and nothing more. It might get a day at the beginning or the end of the trip, just for avoiding that rushing from or to the airport. Well, if that’s the case, you’re certainly missing quite a few things. Here are some things that you probably did not know about this city.

Milano Italy

First Milan has canals. If you had though that only Venice is the Italian city that has canals then you were wrong. Milan might not appear to be having canals, but still there are a couple of canals in this city that exist today. They are located in Navigli district and smaller one was built around designs from da Vinci. However, in off-season, they do not look exactly pretty as they are drained sometimes, but during summers you can find small-sized tour boats which go up as well as down across the larger canal.

Milan in movies

Many movies were shot in Milan, This beautiful city has served as a backdrop for many quality films from various directors, example: Alaska (2015 film), Policewoman (film), The International (2009 film),  A Dog’s Life (1950 film) and many other. Today you can watch many of these movies online in a variety of stream databases, such as

Milan is also the business and fashion capital of Italy. You might have heard about it being the fashion capital only, but it is a lot more. Besides being global capital for design and fashion, Milan is also the economic center of the country. This city also hosts many trade shows and the organization named FieraMilano is amongst biggest organizers of trade shows all over the world. However, as exhibition center of FieraMilano isn’t located in city center, therefore, you might not notice any business travelers. The thing that you’ll clearly notice here is that, quite dissimilar to the cities which rely mostly on the leisure travelers, the weekend rates offered at many of the hotels tend to be lower as compared to the weekday rates.


One of the most important things Milan is known for is football. What’s more? Milan also hosts biggest soccer stadium in Italy. San Siro Stadium is a gigantic arena located west from city center and is home for two teams from the Italian soccer’s top-flight. This stadium is also famous as the outdoor venue for concerts during summer season. The stadium has the capacity to seat above 80,000 during the sporting events, which certainly makes it the biggest stadium of the country and one amongst the biggest stadiums all over Europe.

Milan football

There is a lot more to explore about Milano and this wonderful city is really the one that should be on your itinerary when you’re visiting Italy.